Good health is the key to happiness. It offers a sense of warmth and inner strength.  

Good health is not just being healthy, it is about being happy and feeling complete from a physical, mental, and spiritual point of view.


Eating right is not sufficient for a sound body and mind. Exercise is one of the components in the formula for achieving the strength, stamina, and attitude to be successful in personal, professional, and social life. Exercise has many psychological and physical benefits.


The Healing system improves health, balances the body channels of energy, and regulate forces of negative and positive energies.


  • Reduces tension

  • Increases circulation Relieves pain

  • Balances the body

  • Maintains good health

  • Enables the body to relax

  • Strengthens resistance to disease


How an ancient man cured a disease without any medicine!

In ancient times, Man searched for food and used to spend 4-8 hrs in sunlight while hunting to fulfill hunger and basic food needs.

His energy levels used to vary in accordance with the environment and seasons. When the environment changed, food habits changed, and the energies got decreased, which lead to illness and he couldn’t sleep, walk, sit or work.

As medicines were unavailable in those times, the man started searching for the cure from the elements like sound, earth magnetism, light, many more and utilized the surroundings for a cure.  

One of the reasons for disorders in newborns explained by ancient methods!

A woman, while menstruating have mood swings, irritability as the body gets cleansed within the body to form an egg in the body.

It takes a minimum of 5-6 days to clean the body, In this period it's mandatory to take rest to form a healthy ovum else while giving birth it can lead to miscarriage or the baby may be born abnormal.

This is the reason for giving women some rest and not touching them when menstruating. Very few people follow now.

People are converting these scientific facts into superstitions as the reason is not known to everyone. People started doing these things in the name of GOD.

When the woman takes care of her body during menstrual cycles, every organ supports her body and a healthy child can be born. 


Principle of Energy

Bodies are created with an energy called as Bio-Energy.

To carry out and maintain vibrant health, we must protect our energy frequency and flow throughout the body.

Any disturbance or imbalance to the bio-energy pathways or vibration can lead to disharmony, ill-health, and diseases.

The Principles of energy medicine derive from quantum physics.


Names for Energy

  • Sometimes called The Bio-field

  • Vital Energy

  • Aura Energy (Iran)

  • Qi Energy (Chinese)

  • Prana Energy (India)

  • Mana Energy (Polynesian)

  • Ki Energy (Japanese)

  • Barraka Energy (Islamic)

Factors weaken Body’s Bio-Energy

  • Sedentary lifestyle, Stress and Poor diet

  • Pollution and Radiation from electromagnetic waves

  • Poor water quality

Source of Energy

There are three major sources of energy.

  • Solar Energy

  • Air Energy

  • Ground Energy (or Earth gravitational)


Solar Energy

Solar energy is based on sunlight which invigorates the entire body and promotes good health. We can gain it by sunbathing, drinking water that is exposed to sunlight.

Air Energy

Lungs absorb air through breathing, and air can also be absorbed directly through the pores of the skin by people who have mastered certain practices.

Ground Energy(or Earth Gravitational)

Gravitational forces pass through the entire body, and all cells of the body absorb the Earth’s magnetic energy.


Water absorbs energy from sunlight, air, and Earth.

Plants and trees absorb energy from sunlight, air, water, and Earth.

People and animals absorb energy from sunlight, air, water, earth, and food (fresh food contains more energy than preserved food)


There are many points of view concerning a disease.

Western allopathic medicine views that disease is caused by malevolent microscopic creatures as bacteria, germs, or viruses which alter our natural physiological functioning or defense mechanisms. Emotional stress or psychological problems can cause the disease at the same time.

In fact, it is believed that disease is caused either by an infection, an allergen, or a breakdown in physiological functioning, we have to remove or neutralize the invading mechanism or stress-inducing situation or agent and presto to cure the patients.

Unfortunately, not all diseases respond to these methods of treatment, despite the impressive advances of modern science. Some medications prescribed by doctors have serious side effects.

There appears to be a third alternative view, modern medical science had neglected that.

I refer here to the energy body that we all have and its crucial role in the source and treatment of diseases.

Conclusion :


All non-living and living bodies have energy. These bodies respond to the light, surroundings, and magnetism energies.

The human body observes the earth’s magnetic gravitational forces. So when applied, the cells will heal the body. 

As water flows from a higher level to a low level, in the same way, Bioenergy follows.


When the Bioenergy gets accumulated in a certain place, then the body gets disordered. It's due to lack of exercise, food, exposure to sunlight.


In our treatment, we apply magnetic energy, and other techniques, which were used in ancient days to circulate Bioenergy.


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