Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves


It's a great opportunity to help many people in my journey, and here are a few genuine and honest reviews from my patients from different locations.

Autumn Leaves

Name of the patient: N.Venkata Rao

Age: 54 years

Occupation: Farmer

Location: Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Mr. Venkata Rao( patient) suffered from Lumbar Spondylosis, disc problem and sciatica nerve deactivated for 3 years.


He used many powerful medicines but no sign of recovery, Later he was disabled, bedridden, and was suggested spinal cord surgery by the doctors but no assurance was given about his day to day activities, so he did not go for surgery.


He somehow got to know about my treatment by one of my patients, who was cured without any medicine or surgery previously.


I checked his medical reports and gave assurance for his day to day activities after completion of treatment. I treated him for a couple of days, his body got relieved from all problems which he faced earlier, and is able to do all types of workouts. At present, the Venkatrao is happily doing his cultivation.

Autumn Leaves

Name of the patient: G.Srinivasu

Age: 54 years

Occupation: Employee (AstGeneral Manager )

Location: Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Mr.Srinivas had an accident and his right side of the body was very badly injured. His collarbone was broken into three pieces and six ribs were fractured.


He was unable to breathe freely and was unable to tolerate the pain even though painkillers were given.


He is my colleague so he called me and informed his situation. I found he is uncomfortable while breathing and suffered severe pain. I treated him for 3 hours and observed his breathing levels got normal and chest pain reduced. He was able to walk without trouble after 3 days of treatment.

Autumn Leaves

Name of the patient: Srinivasu K.Y

Age: 44 years

Occupation: Business Man Location: Shadnagar, Hyderabad

Mr. Srinivasu slipped and got head-injured while going to a Bus station, after few hours his right side of the body got paralyzed. He followed many treatments and used medicine prescribed by doctors for 3 years and got no improvement.


One of my patients informed him regarding my treatment. He came to my house and took treatment for a couple of weeks.


Post-treatment without medicine, He is able to sit and stand without anyone's support and started performing activities with his right hand.

Autumn Leaves

Name of the patient: D.Laxmi

Age: 45 years

Occupation: Revenue Inspector ( Location: Makavarapalem, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Mrs. Laxmi suffered from multiple problems, like Migraine, Cervical spondylitis, & Spondylolisthesis for 10 years. She was unable to walk, couldn't maintain her daily activities, and had trouble speaking. She was informed about me by her colleague who is my patient.


She contacted me with her medical reports, where she used powerful steroids and suggested surgery by doctors.


I treated her with my therapy for a few days with a normal diet avoiding medicines, her body started to improve. Now she is happily doing all activities and her speech problem also resolved.

Autumn Leaves

Name of the patient: Nookeswar Rao 

Age: 42 years

Occupation: Employee

Location: Annakapalli, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Mr. Nookeswar Rao suffered from back pain and was unable to walk, and attend his work which affects his daily life activities for many years. He used many medicines and was suggested a spinal cord surgery at L4 and L5 level for his bulged spinal cord by the doctors.


One of his friends informed him about my treatment. I verified his medical reports, where he has a spinal bulging at L4 and L5 and sciatica nerve deactivated.


I treated him for a few months. Now he got relief from his struggles and is doing his daily activities, and attending to work. Post-treatment I suggested him to include vitaminized food and workout on a regular basis.

Autumn Leaves

Name of the patient: Raju

Age: 46 years

Occupation: Employee

Location: Hyderabad

Mr. Raju suffered from back pain and other problems. He is one of my family friends. So one day at a gettogether he informed me about his issues. So, I have treated him for few days and he felt much relief.

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